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My Mate Nate apologizes but faces trespassing charge

  • Jul 17 2017 13:309 months ago

Immigration officials, on Monday, invited American YouTuber Nathan Bartling, to check his documents and work permit after he offered an apology to the State Railway of Thailand for his video stunt to flatten coins on rail tracks.

The SRT has already filed a complaint of property trespassing with Prawes police against the young American who is better known as My Mate Nate for his controversial video clips uploaded on YouTube.

Mr Bartling arrived at the SRT head office on Monday morning for a press conference together with SRT deputy governor Thanongsak Pongprasert and commander of the railway police.

Mr Thanongsak said that Bartling’s video about his stunt in flattening coins on rail tracks had caused widespread concern for train safety, prompting the SRT to instruct railway police to investigate and gather evidences in order take legal action against the Bartling.

Citing the Rail Tracks and Highways Act B.E. 2464, the deputy governor said that unauthorized individual is not allowed into the SRT’s property and violation will be liable to property treapassing charge which is a petty offence.

He said that investigation by railway police showed that Bartling flattened coins and made video of his stunt at the rail tracks at Ban Thap Chang and Lat Krabang train stations. Later on, a complaint was lodged with Prawes police.

He went on saying that SRT’s technical experts were evaluating the damage caused by the coin flattening and would submit a report to him later.

“He (Bartling) admitted his mistake and wanted to do good in return by making videos to promote Thai tourism with the belief that it will be acceptable by the Thai society,” said Mr Thanongsak.

Bartling, meanwhile, told the media at the press conference that he felt sorry that his two inappropriate clips out of more than 400 he produced were widely criticized.

He claimed many of his clips helped promote tourism and encourage foreigners to visit Thailand but he, however, apologized for his mistake and offered to do videos to promote Thai tourism and travel by train.

“I don’t want to have problems or do anything which causes problems. Now I feel afraid of leaving my house because of the criticism and I’m the focus of the society. But everyone makes mistake. I apologize and ready to make amends. As a matter of fact, I can fly home. But I want to take responsibility for the mistake,” said Bartling.

After the press conference at the SRT head office, Bartling was escorted by immigration officials to check his documents and work permit.

But the American said he has been working legally in Thailand with My Mate Nate Studio and has a Non-B visa.

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