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Everyone have Bad Moments, do Not let it Destroy Us.

  • Jul 16 2017 20:038 months ago
Everyone have Bad Moments, do Not let it Destroy Us  

Life is interesting because of many different variations that we are increasingly facing with it in our daily life, so it does not become routine or monotonous for us. We all have our good moments without complaining and also ineffective periods. The unpleasant occasions in our life make it complicated, because our heart often get hit and emotional frustrations can hurt us. Self confidence and control is very important at that time, because there is a chance that we may lose our self-respect. Have been affected by it and this give us a feeling of disorder which we are being humiliated by our sentimental value, so we get ourselves into a severely and emotionally irritated situation. At such time, we can lose all control over ourselves and we are capable to do anything bad, but that would just ruin our life and destroy us which could be very unwise. When we take an unusual bad action against others, it could be helpful for them, because we lose control and first we are the victim, but after our bad deed can turn us into an offender. Very unwise at that time, so all the calmness and control is highly recommended for us and that is the best defense against such realities. Domination over the situation with self-control is the only thing which bring us victory, any other malicious solutions or violence will only ruin our life. And there is a possibility that we may lose our perfectly accumulated reputation, because of the fault from other that we may not processed properly and have taken a wrong decision by our emotions. Never let it come into that far, these people will suffer their own destruction in the long run, so do not take the revenge, any resentment action will only crush ourselves. Forget this worthless action and proceed with our benevolence in life, say goodbye to losses and the persons who involved, then the future will be in our hands. We only need to remember the good times, because the bad events have already passed and it is not wise to let it return in our memory. Everyone meets deplorable events in their life, so it is wise to go to deal with it and learn from that experience, let's not make a turning back, and don't let it affect on our existing life, because sooner or later they will get themselves running into wrong circumstances. In life we get what we deserve,  everything is just a matter of time so let us spend our time wisely to get a good reputation. Weed does not perish by itself, but without water it will also comes to an end, so do not mind to not give them water. Let us continue to live our life with a peaceful mind and a straightforward attitude.


I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen


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