Do I make you a fright.

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Do I make you a fright. - Phuket News
Do I make you a fright.


You make startled me now or I You.
We seem so different.
We see that quick.
I can not conquer fear when I see you so.
The confrontation is inevitable and unwelcome.
We met at the wrong time.
We were impressed by what we saw.
Received a shock that lasts for days.
In my mind I can not forget You.
And think direct Can I eat you ?
That's right what I thought then.
Are you now that where I hunt on.
You are so great and incalculable.
I hope I get a chance to take You.
For a meal after the shock.
To survive in the world.
With lots of food shortage.
I will start soon but because I have to eat.
By my teeth you are bitten.
And you disappear in my mouth.
Me belly will grind.
At first I was so scared of You.
Now you have changed my life.
And extended more.
So is life and you were me gift.
The shock made me survive.
I feel honored.
And I hope that God repented me.


I wish you a healthy life.
Author Jan Jansen




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